Hyper Harmony Music Video Contest

WIN $1000 + $5000 Promotion Package + Be featured On live TV

Hyper Harmony Movie Award

Apply Today And Submit The Music Video Later

An Opportunity For Independent Videographers To Flex Creativity

Simply Register For The Contest For Free As "An Early Bird" Special

Your Project | Your Rules

Shoot On Any Format You Want

Shoot In Vertical, Square Or Standard Wide. Express Your Creativity Aspect Free

Hyper harmony Creativity

No Limits On Style Or Creativity 

No Restriction On Mood, Style, Or Subject. Let Your Creativity Run Wild And Create With Passion. We Value An Artist's Creative Freedom.

Win $1000 Cash Prize + $5000 Promotion Package + Be Featured On live TV

Winner Gets $1000 And A Promotional Package Worth $5000. We Will Setup Ads For Your Video, Publish Press Releases About Your Video And Publish Multiple Stories About You And Your Project. We Will Also Feature Your Work And An Exclusive Interview With You On Live TV!

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